[Ned climbs up, play fanfare, and the super cool bass tension music]

Kat: Very good. You have succeeded where many have failed. [717:09-13]

Kat: Begin the final ritual. Soon the Darkness will return to this land, and
     I will never lie helpless in my coffin again. [717:14-22]

Kat: Summon Avoozl, and free the Shadows of Darkness! [-25]

Ad: Enough talk! Let's get this over with. [716:26-28]

Kat: I do believe you are jealous. Is that because this hero stopped you from
     summoning Iblis so long ago? You resent the fact that I triumph, while
     you failed, don't you? [718:25-36]

Ad: I only wish to begin your moment of triumph, my dear Dark Master.

Kat: Very well. Let the final ritual begin. [718:36-39]

Ned: Yah, Avoozl! We summon thee!

[cold fills him, feels blood being sucked out of veins]

Ned: Oh, Great Dark One! Enter the world of light!

[feels as if feet dissolve into acid]

Ned: Oh, Shadows of Darkness, enter the land of the living!

[arms feel frozen, locked holding paper, no choice but to speak on]

Ned: Oh, Master of the Forever Night, return to your own body, and live

[his head aches, it is difficult to concentrate and speak]

Ned: Yah, yah Avoozl! We summon thee!

Kat: Yes, ah ha ha ha! Yes! The spell is completed, and Avoozl awakens!
     Darkness will fill the land, and we will never flee the sunshine again!

[Ad casts flame dart at the nerve cell Ned stands on, Ned slips and barely
 holds on, kick in stressful moments music]

Kat: No!! How dare you ?! [716:50-52]

[Kat casts frostbite at Ad, who takes a step back to get a good stance and
 absorbs the spell, raises his hands grinning maliciously]

Ad: Ah, you have just shattered the bonds which bound me! Now we shall see
    who is the true Dark Master! [720:44-51]

[Ad hurls forth a fiery explosion which seemingly takes Kat almost off-guard,
 damaging the cell she is standing on, she quickly regains her balance and
 retaliates with another powerful frostbite which Ad again manages to

Ad: Aww... is that the best you can do? [721:31-]

[he retorts with another flame spell but this time Kat is totally ready for

Kat: I am still a far greater Master of Magic than you. I am a far more
     powerful Vampire than you. Do you really think your spells can harm me?
     Ha ha ha ha ha! Guess again... [716:53-717:08]

[Kat gives her best shot and Ad staggers lightly, grunting, gets an even more
 evil gleam in his undead eyes, start super cool action music]

Ad: But my dear Katrina, I do not need to cast spells at you to destroy you.

Ad: I intend only to destroy my enemy, the one you seem so fond of. Care to
    watch him die ? [720:58-721:04]

[Ad raises his hands and casts Dragonfire with the appropriate sfx, a huge
 dragon's head shimmers into view above Ned who stares upwards at it with an
 empty expression, his bleeding hands painfully clasping the sharp edges of
 the broken stone cell]

Kat: No! I will not let him die! [717:39-41]

[Kat blinks herself magically between Ned and the dragon's head, acting on
 female instincts, but she doesn't have time to do anything as the dragon's
 jaws already chomp on her, and Ned can only watch this happening in horror
 not being able to do anything but hold on]

Ned: Katrina!

[exerting her will, Kat struggles to overcome the spell, almost in physical
 melee with Ad's spell, when a night-black tentacle darts from nowhere and
 wraps around Kat and the dragon's head, Kat only now realizes what will
 happen but it's too late to do anything, even if she could crush the spell
 instantly, two more dark tentacles slurp out and embrace her, she lets out
 a fading scream and suddenly is no more, the Dark One having absorbed her as
 well as the spell]

Ad: The fool! I knew that Avoozl would be attracted by that spell. Now
    Katrina will have all the Darkness she so desired, and much, much more.

Ad: Ahh... The first part of my vengeance is complete. Now I can enjoy fully
    watching you die slowly... and painfully. [719:30-40]

[Ned's numb fingers clutch desperately at some tendrils, slipping a little
 further down. Still there is a fire burning inside him as he realizes that
 Kat truly cared for him. He knows he must stop Ad once more and forever, and
 prevent the Dark One from fully entering this world.]

[Ad sneers, casting his weakest flame dart at Ned, whose back is somewhat

Ned: Aagh !..

Ad: There's no place you can run to, and no place for you to hide. Soon there
    won't even be a place to stand upon. Getting worried, great Hero?

Ned: Not a bit !..

[spurned by the pain Ned gathers all his inner strength and paladin will, and
 forces his hands to lift him up again ignoring the deep bloody wounds on
 them already, at this music would change back to stressful moments but I
 think the super cool action music is better]

Ah: Ha ha! [720:19]

Ad: You cannot lift a hand to harm me. My spells will destroy you utterly
    should you be so foolish as to try. [138:17-19 + 721:18-22]

Ad: I will soon have an army of powerful servants. I will be the most
    powerful creature in the world! [719:00-05]

Ad: With you and Katrina out of the way, no one can prevent me from taking
    over this land. I can easily turn any enemy into my own personal Vampire
    slave, as Katrina did to me. [718:48-59]

Ad: I have waited a long time for the pleasure of destroying Katrina! She
    dared to think she could be my master. Hah! [718:40-47]

Ned: Ha! She *was* your master.

Ad: Enough of this foolish waste of time! I'm going to destroy you for good
    this time. [719:43-47]

[Ned wields the Staff quickly, make some sort of cute sound effect]

Ned: Yeah?

Ad: So you have Erana's staff. Cute toy! It will do you no good. Her spells
    were never for combat. [720:08-10 + 721:14 + 720:10-14]

Ned: Erana was a powerful Wizard --

Ad: Erana was a fool! She thought she was going to prevent the Dark One from
    entering this world. Instead she only destroyed herself. [721:56-722:04]

Ned: She saved this land, and everyone in it!

Ad: And what will happen to the foolish peasants in the village? Now that you
    have so conveniently removed the protection from the town by taking
    Erana's Staff away, they will become my fodder. [721:44-56]

Ned: Over my undead body.

Ad: You think I haven't arranged protections against all of your spells? I
    know what puny magics the Wizards teach such as you. [720:28-36]

Ned: Spells ?.... ha ha ha ha ha... ah ha ha.

Ad: What are you laughing about? Are you mad? [719:11-13]

[the Staff transforms into a spear with a twinkly sfx, time freezes as Ned
 draws his hand back]

Ned: Reversal this!

[Ned throws the spear with deadly Fricanian tribal warrior accuracy, Ad
 merely blinks, his mouth slowly dropping open as the spear pierces his chest
 and sends him out of balance, he staggers back with his cold blood flowing
 from the wound, manages to stop the spear's inertia so as not to get pinned
 on the wall, but despite his best attempts his consciouness fades within
 seconds and his legs give way, music fades out]

Ad: Uuuuuurrrggghhhhhh...... [118:55-59]

[Ned falls on one knee, his strength spent, somehow staying on the stone
 cell, Ad crumples down and drops off the blasted rock cell onto a few
 waiting black tentacles which happily devour what's left of him, the spear
 in the meantime has detached itself and transformed back into the staff,
 floating back toward Ned]

Staff: It is time for you to fulfill my final destiny. You must use me to
       release my mistress from her imprisonment!

[Ned reaches out and catches the staff, bracing himself, using the staff as
 an aid lifts himself on his feet again and turns to look at the large
 crystal beside him, he feels almost as if he can make out a shape inside,
 that of Erana's, and that she is meeting his gaze expectantly, Ned looks
 down at the staff, then takes hold of it with his both hands like a sword,
 swings it back and in slow motion strikes the crystal with it]

Ned: *grunt* [swoosh] [boom]

[crystal explodes in a dazzling light, the staff destroyed along with it, Ned
 is blinded for a moment, we can hear and he can feel a light refreshing wind
 breeze around him and soothe his pain, he opens his eyes and sees the
 legendary faery wizard so-called paladin floating where the crystal used to
 be, they look at each other a moment, her beautiful smile enveloping Ned's
 exhausted mind, start the crystal music]

Erana: You walk in honor and righteousness. This day you have freed the land
       of Mordavia from great evil. May you always hold high the way of the

Erana: You have freed me from my imprisonment by the Dark One. I have driven
       Avoozl back to its own dimension forever. Your magic is of great power
       to have overcome the evil which was in this place.

Erana: It seems we shared a dream once. You gave me hope while I was trapped
       in the Darkness. You held me in your arms, and showed me your love. I
       cannot hold you now, nor can we kiss. I am only a spirit, a ghost. It
       will take more magic than I have ever known before we shall ever be
       together again.

Erana: I can only thank you for everything you have done. I shall love you
       forever. Farewell...

[she fades away along her last words, only silent echoes left]

Ned: Erana...

[after a moment, start epilogue, play the magnificent victory music]

[two weeks have passed, friends and acquaintances have gathered to hold
 a party in Ned's honor in Castle Borgov]

Dmitri: So even as we speak, the swamp is drying up. Soon the pass will open,
        and we may trade with the outside world. [648:08-17]

Hans: We can finally sell our produce to others. [646:32-35]

Franz: Yeah, we'll export garlic to all parts of the world -- everybody'll be
       stinky! [646:35-40]

Ivan: We can even import an elephant or two... just for old time's sake!

Dmitri: The king has sent word that I shall be the newly appointed boyar.
        Castle Borgov will again protect and guard Mordavia. [648:17-26]

Boris: He could not have chosen a worthier person for the role, humhum. And I
       mean that sincerely. [647:37-44]

Dmitri: We have gathered here to thank this Hero. [648:26-29]

Dmitri: He has driven away the Shadows of Darkness from this land. Mordavia
        will again be the peaceful, beautiful land of our forefathers.

Yuri: He returned Tanya to us. For that, we shall be forever grateful.

Bella: He proved that dreams can be real! ... if you work to make them so.

Tanya: He brought me back to my Mommy and Daddy, and they weren't even mad at
       me! [646:50-55]

Igor: Igor be in grave if not for Hero friend. Instead of redhead, Igor be
      deadhead. Ha ha! ... little graveyard humor there. [646:06-13]

Davy: I would have been burned at the stake only because I am a gypsy, if
      this Hero had not befriended me. [645:58-646:05]

Olga: That's because some people whose names we won't mention -- but you know
      who you are -- spread nasty rumors that Gypsies were Werewolves. Heh...
      How foolish to believe such things! [648:55-05]

Dmitri: There are many here who owe their lives and happiness to this Hero.
        In a land with a history of great heroes like Piotyr and Erana, he is
        one of the greatest! [647:44-57]

[the hall is filled with cheers, then a familiar pair of voices is heard]

Erasmus: There. That's it. I, I believe this crystal ball is finally working.
         Do you see anything, Fenrus? [647:02-08]

Fenrus: Yeah... I see him. He's with a bunch of people. Either a reward
        ceremony or a lynch mob. [646:14-18]

Erasmus: What ?? Let me see... Well, it's a reward ceremony, of course. He's
         probably done some great deed as usual. [647:09-17]

Fenrus: So now what? [646:19]

Erasmus: Well, seeing that his adventure in Mordavia is obviously over, we
         bring him here to Silmaria, of course. [647:17-23]

Fenrus: Suppose he doesn't wanna come here? [646:20-21]

Erasmus: Ah, you forget. He is a Hero. Silmaria needs a Hero right now. And
         everyone knows a Hero has to go where a Hero has to go. [647:24-34]

Fenrus: Let's hope he knows that. Just make sure you use the right spell to
        Teleport him. The last time you tried this, you brought the clothes
        and left the person behind. [646:22-29]

Erasmus: This time, for sure! [647:35-36]

[Ned is sucked out of existence with an accompanying appropriate sound
 effect, a deep swoosh and the megaman blip]