Interesting games for the PC-98, maybe worth localising!

Abogado Powers: Kuro no Danshou - The Literary Fragment (zombie cult pointnclick)
Abogado Powers: Es no Houteishiki (sequel to above)
Active: Angel Halo (all around excellent, a remake exists, got CD version)
Agumix: Four Flush (dystopian adv, assassin taking out corrupt cops or something)
AIL: Dual Soul (fantasy hero adventure)
AIL: Inma Seifuku Kari (pointless select-your-sex-scene story, but wonderfully haunting music)
AIL: Ruriiro no Yuki (dating sim, strange spirit girl moves in with a guy)
Alice Soft: AmbivalenZ - Niritsu Haihan (immortal knight in modern day)
Ange: Coin (school romance? nice music)
Apple Pie: Charade (school slice-of-life sim?)
Banpresto: Ah! Megami-sama (relationship comedy based on Oh! My Goddess)
Basement: Armist (murder mystery, seems short but solid)
Basho House: Dragon Souseiki (1st person RPG in Inca culture, very pretty)
Birdy Soft: Joker + sequel (native American mystery)
Birdy Soft: My Eyes! (marine thriller)
Cat's Production: Nova (atmospheric survivor simulation on spaceship?)
Cat's Production: Heart Heat Girls (dystopian chick cop adv, nice graphics)
Cocktail Soft: Demon City (fantasy pointnclick adv with icon interface, true religion of pleasure)
Cocktail Soft: Doki Doki Vacance? (cute romance?)
Cocktail Soft: Harenochi Munasawagi (comically violent, sex comedy)
Crystal Soft: Virgin Angel (cyberpunk, super-aphrodisiac)
C's Ware: Xenon (got CD version)
Dez Climax: LA Blue Girl + sequel
D.O.: Branmarker (fantasy JRPG, much like DQ or Dragon Knight 3, FM-towns remake exists)
D.O.: Hoshi no Suna Monogatari + sequels (murder mystery at a female boarding house)
D.O.: Zatsuon Ryouiki (psychological horror while visiting a mansion)
Fairy Dust: Star Trap (scifi adventure)
Fairytale: Ballade for Maria (murder mystery)
Fairytale: Dead of the Brain 1-2 (non-h zombie apocalypse)
Fairytale: Dracula Hakushaku
Fairytale: Kurutta Kajitsu (slightly creepy but short family tragedy)
Fairytale: Marine Philt
Fairytale: Necronomicon (scary adv based on Lovecraft's story; FM-towns copy exists)
Family Soft: Dies Irae (nice music, scifi detective adventure; CD-version exists)
FMC: Garasu no Unmei (multiple pov slice of tragic family life)
Four Nine: GaoGao 1-4
Four Nine: Angel Night (vampire trains two demonesses)
Grocer: Wedding Errantry - Gyakutamaou (fantasy dating sim)
Himeya Soft: Bacta 2, and probably Bacta 1 (contemporary action story, pointy-eared nude monsters; joint FM-Towns remake of both exist)
Himeya Soft: Phobos
Janis: Bunny Hunter Zero (a win-remake exists)
Janis: Kikai Jikake no Marian (some kind of steampunk, robot maid)
Leaf: Filsnown - Hikari no Toki (very pretty fantasy RPG, now owned by Aquaplus co?)
May-Be Soft: Blind Games (pretty adventure onboard luxury cruiser in 1928)
May-Be Soft: DOOP (submarine recovery squad goes on missions? friendly team, scary missions)
May-Be Soft: Yakusoku - Promise (schoollife dating, excellent gfx, dealing with a succubus who says you must keep a promise)
Melody: Kurayami (stuck in a dark skyscraper on a christmas night with a girl)
Mink: Dangel (pretty sex comedy fantasy JRPG)
Mink: Mashou no Kao (seemingly pointless sex romp, but very pretty)
Mink: Wonpara Wars + sequel (hentai chess, sort of, with creative piece movements, win-versions exist)
Mischief: Merry Go Round (dystopic mystery, pretty)
Nikukyuu: Susume!! Choujougenshou Kenkyuubu (students sneak around school at night)
Pearl Soft: Cyber Illusion (pretty cyber police adventure)
Pearl Soft: Watashi (schoolgirl tries to woo a guy)
Scoop: Bounty Hunter Ludy (cute, lively redhead and robot sidekick, funny space adv)
Silky's: Be-Yond (funny space monsters, excellent scifi thriller)
Silky's: Figure - Ubawareta Houkago (school teacher mystery?)
Silky's: Jack: Haitoku no Megami (scifi detective mystery)
Silky's: Möbius Roid (school relationship drama)
Silky's: Reira - Slave Doll (bladerunnery thriller about a slave doll hunter)
Silky's: Valentine Kiss (pretty dating sim)
Sorciere: Persona - Ingyaku no Kamen (scifi detective murder mystery)
Space Project: Seraphita (futanari girls, hilarious expressions)
Studio Twinkle: Grounseed (worth it for the music alone!!!)
Studio Twinkle: Mirror (surreal mystery? painful music, slow text, not great gfx)
Sunsoft: Photo Genic (photographer dating sim? has scores to raise and daily schedules)
TGL: Appare Den - Fukuryuu no Shou (gorgeous jrpg)
TomBoy: Night Walker (modern humanbeast with chibisuccubus sidekick, fight evil at night, win version exists)
Trush: Gakuen Taimaden Reiko (esp girl and friends investigate evil all-female church summoning tentacle monsters, remake may exist?)
UCom: Cherry Moderate (teacher at a bright summer school, plenty of social interaction)
U-Me Soft: Hiiragisaka no Kyukan (drama, contemporary Tokimeki-style hotel)
Umitsuki Productions: Love Escalator (school dating sim, animated scenes, already remade as "Lovers" by Jellyfish)
Umitsuki Productions: Power Slave (high production value contemporary dating drama, animated scenes, occasional turn-based battles)
Umitsuki Productions: Rookies (high production value crime investigation comedy drama?)