Who, me?


I'm a Dog of 1982, otherwise quite a nice year.

Calm and quiet, he is more afraid of you than you of him. This unique creature is usually encountered on urban levels, and prefers to mind his own business, appearing completely innocent of any wrongdoing. He seems mostly harmless. When killed, he is worth very little experience, and may drop a well-tempered computer.

I've been writing stories since 7, programming since 9, and writing music since 15. I'm natively northern European but have so far lived in three different countries, currently stuck in the UK. It is a silly place.

But I got to test games for a living for a while, which to anyone not in the industry will seem pretty glamorous. (I've since specialised and now test game development tools.) Big companies can never get credits right, though, so to set the record straight, here is the list of all published games I have directly worked on.

Have a couple pictures.

Kirinn with green scarf Kirinn as anime professor Placeholder
Placeholder Kirinn at kindergarten Otto, the boxer