Digital Shinies


Modern image editing tools allow even the untalented to produce curious sights.

On my behalf, these are all available under CC0, which is like public domain. However, some of these are derivative works, so parts of original copyrights may apply.

Vector art

Practical Love (in three HD panels)
Originally a laconic stick figure scribble, I redrew it with vector characters, and later redrew it again in HD. I still find it darkly amusing.

This is the cheese
By request, a rendering of Gerard brie.

Marketing in a Nutshell
Another vectorised stick figure scribble. Modern marketing uses a few basic methods to make people want to buy whatever is being sold. How many methods can you recognize in this advertisement for a fictitious brand of toothpaste?

Legend of Swiftseeker

Postcard from Marimea
A title card for a vector-graphic comic.

Vector comic page 1, page 2, page 3
I've got a big script with lots of great moments, but it lacks overall direction so I only produced 3 and a half pages. Perhaps I'll find some way yet to knit the script into a tighter whole

Sprite comic page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6
An earlier sprite-based version of the comic.

Sprite comic sprite sheet
I drew a bunch of sprites before rebooting with vectors. Some of these are quite good, so it'd be a shame to keep them to myself. These are obviously modelled in the style of spritework in Final Fantasy 3, and Brian Clevinger's 8-bit Theater.


Wide Jade fanart

An expansive fanart of Colonel Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss. This combines official art with vector-tracing to produce a high-definition result. Click the image for the full 3836x1440 version, as well as all its parts separately.

Forum avatars

SageShamanKniggghtScholarguyCecil RemakeMr. Bunnylin, AdventurerMr. Bunnylin, GentlemanMr. Bunnylin, Sailor

The above cutesy little avatar images are shown zoomed to four times their actual pixel size. The first four are slightly enlarged and colored versions of character sprites from Final Fantasy 3. The profile is a similar hack of Cecil's picture from FF4.

The first of the last three was built using parts of the QfG Hero and Captain Wilco from Space Quest 5, with lots of further editing to make it look like something I'd wear in a fantasy (urban) setting. The yellow squiggle is a tail. The last two images are redraws of the first, clothed for a fancy party and cosplaying a sailor.

Forum tags

Signature tags or banners are small pictures used for individualisation in some online forums. Below are all tags I ever made. Tags are commonly based on artwork made by someone who actually can draw. Mine likewise make heavy use of graphics ripped from elsewhere without any permission, although I always added significant touch-ups.

1. Elmindreda
The first tag I made. I glued pieces of Princess Maker 2 on stars from Master of Orion, and manually retouched all the PM2 images to eliminate dithering. The result is overly chaotic.
1. Shanra
For my second effort, I tried for a less chaotic result by focusing on a young Spirit of the Spring from PM2. Instead of removing dithering by hand, I used PSP filters, which don't look as good. The background is a real astronomical photo from somewhere. I arted the low-fidelity purple bubble from scratch.
1. Lira
An adorable Mrrshan kitty from Master of Orion. She'll bite your head clean off. Although it's not obvious at first glane, I made the starry area much bigger than the source, and completely redrew the lower part of the feline, which has a fade-out effect in the original.
2. Shanra
This star background is from Princess Maker 2, the planet is Caladan from Dune 2, and those things hovering over it are a pair of eyes from a green-haired chick in Mayclub, I think. The barely visible eyebrows I added myself. The stars suffered during JPEG compression but the lettering fits in very well.
2. Elmindreda
Natural beauty from an elven rampart in HoMM 3. I drew the rainbow.
2. Lira
The griffin was ripped from the resource files of Pinball Fantasies, and touched up a lot. The beautiful PM2 star background is used again for the lower background. I drew the funky top part by experimenting with visual filters on a random colorful mess.
3. Shanra
The original scene shows Sailor Venus standing against an orange-pink cityscape. (I think it's from a late first season episode, must watch them all again to check.) Since the original looked a bit flat, especially after careful noise removal, I used beveling and manual lightening and darkening to add a great deal of depth. The background combines two real space pictures with a sunflare.
1. Okie
The iconic title screen from Prince of Persia, with lots of recoloring. Note how the name emulates the original game title text.
1. Firey Tiger
I touched up chibi-Usagi with a bevel, and added the name. I tried a few other ideas, but ended up scrapping them as uninteresting. The background is from the PC version of The Lion King.
4. Shanra
Miaka had a red ribbon twirling over and around her, which I laboriously edited out manually, then cut her loose from the original picture. Minor beveling was added to give the dress depth. Noise removal, minor touch-ups on a randomly found wallpaper background. The composition is fairly pleasing.
5. Shanra
The background is a portion from another random wallpaper. The chibi-pegasus is a heavily enhanced clipart I'd found somewhere, originally monochrome and quite grainy. Regrettably, its art style clashes with the background.
1. Halliki
Another style clash. Aside from the real stars and real phantom tiger, the frame and lettering are based on the credits screen of Quest for Glory 1, smoothed and recolored.
3. Elmindreda
The blue ball here is actually my purple bubble from tag #2, just retouched for higher fidelity. The pegasi are from HoMM 3, and the sea fading into the distance is from a random wallpaper. Notice the depth effect in the shadows over the ball.
4. Elmindreda
Using multiple editing layers turns out to be quite powerful. The hills are from the intro of Ultima 6 and the sky is from HoMM 3. The eyes are actually drawn by the recipient herself, although I retouched them. The reflections on the water took the most effort. The reflected letters should probably be a little further behind the hills.
6. Shanra
Another grainy pegasus, enhanced. The background is a random attractive dark sky, with some simple effects thrown in to make the colors really pop.
1. Kittielover
This last tag turned out really well. Rather than drawing on top of a Sierra logo, I drew the disc from scratch to get a fully smooth gradient. The head is one of the main characters from Final Fantasy 2, whose inventory portrait I enlarged to about ten times the original size, then boosted the contrast to maximum and applied the blindshading effect by hand, pixel by pixel, to match the style of the original logo's Half Dome silhouette.


Classic blue Commodore 64 bootup screen as a desktop wallpaper, with a subtle gradient.

These are mathematically generated with a simple X XOR Y statement and a nice palette. Just something I wrote with QBasic on a sudden inspiration around 2002. The cyan-purple one is a tribute to glorious CGA. These are kind of violent on the eyes, and as such work wonderfully as desktop wallpapers.

Red/blue mosaicGreen/fuchsia mosaicCyan/purple mosaicRGB+white mosaic