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With SuperSakura 0.96 almost ready to go, it seems a fine time to note what else is new. Most notably, SuperSakura has its own site now. I've also written some more PC98 graphic converter scripts. Bin2iso 2.0 is released; likewise 98ripper v5. I've assisted with a few more game fan translation projects, and bought my first home. Got a new M.2 SSD drive for my computer, but started seeing kernel panics so took it out again. (I wish there was an easier way to analyse a kernel panic...) All in all, it's impressive how much stuff can be accomplished while procrastinating on actually burrowing into BunnySynth.

Today's update is brought to you by SuperSakura 0.94.3, now with a ton of new game support plus fixes. I also helped with some Sei Shoujo Sentai Lakers hacking to help along a translation mod. Now I'm actually going to burrow into BunnySynth!
Whoa: déjà vu

I've gotten thus far through the pandemic unscathed, staying reasonably safe and modestly busy. Somehow it's been almost two years since the last site update, but what is time even. Today's update is brought to you by SuperSakura 0.94.1, now with savestates. Now I'm actually going to burrow into BunnySynth!

Got promoted to senior engineer, yay. I've expanded my documentation on the PMD file format and have probably the best PMD to MIDI file converter in the business. Might finally start implementing BunnySynth next, followed by MIDI-based BunnyTracker, since there doesn't seem to be a single really good MIDI tracker in existence yet and I kinda want one.

Site style upgrade for more readability and faster loading. To this end, I got rid of server-side PHP; all pages are pure HTML/CSS, fully generated and pre-gzipped on my own system before uploading. The page generator/minifier is just a little Python script I threw together; existing passive site generators are way more powerful than I need.

Still having a good time. However, my long-time hosting provider kept ratcheting up their prices by 20% a year, so I've hopped the border fence to beautiful Latvia. Note also the new site logo; inspired by old DOS games, post-processed using my own BunComp.

I actually got pretty far rewriting the BunComp algorithm. The new one is way more powerful, but also much slower. I also made a commandline interface so I could run it natively under Linux. SuperSakura continues to see a bunch of work, that's all on Git.
Reading project: the entire Star Trek litverse

Having a good time tinkering with development tools as a software engineer in a company that even contributes to free software to some degree. Meanwhile, rewriting Buncomp's backend for great quality. The music mastering tool still isn't done. But I did overhaul the Maki-chan specification again, and added specs for the Pi format.

SuperSakura and Buncomp are now both on GitLab, due to GitHub's ownership change. I may be just a 2-bit hacker, but I have principles.
Hacker palette: CGA

Relaxation was successful, and I put in a ton of work on SuperSakura, finally finishing the SDL2 conversion, and creating a console port for good measure that shows the game graphics as Ascii art, because what is life without a measure of whimsy. SuperSakura and Buncomp are now both on Github.

Remaining goals for this year: find software automation work perhaps up in Scotland, get the music mastering tool to a working state, remaster and publish at least one song, tinker more with SuperSakura, and read more thousands of pages of manga.
Class change: M (multi-headed programmer, again)

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