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Musical works by Kirinn Bunnylin
Song nameTypeFormatsCompletedLength
Mimu Muzak orig IT 28-Mar-1998 3:24
Mimu Muzak 2 orig IT ??-Apr-1998 2:50
Mimu Muzak 3 orig IT ??-May-1998 3:49
Popcorn cover IT ??-May-1998 3:56
Mimu Muzak 3 Remix remix MP3 ??-Aug-1998 3:16
Star Stream orig S3M 12-Sep-1998 3:37
Mimu Muzak 1 Remix remix IT 21-Sep-1998 3:12
Suggestions orig IT ??-Oct-1998 2:18
Ace Of Maze Mimu Remix cover S3M 11-Nov-1999 2:15
Super Pipeline Soundtrack cover IT 18-Nov-1999 3:42
Underbed Adventure orig IT 13-Dec-1999 2:22
Ace Of Maze Mimu Trimix cover S3M 30-Dec-1999 3:12
I win! I Win !! orig IT 19-Feb-2000 4:35
Mimu Muzak 3 Remake remix IT 20-Mar-2000 3:43
Mimu Muzak 4 orig IT 24-Apr-2000 3:20
Sliding orig IT 09-Jun-2000 4:02
Blue Shatterance orig IT 27-Oct-2000 3:09
Ace Of Maze Ă–verdone cover IT, OGG 08-Nov-2000 3:04
Mimu Duck's Playground cover S3M 10-Nov-2000 0:37
Neat Teens orig IT 16-Nov-2000 3:46
Polite Yet Strict orig IT 20-Nov-2000 3:43
Northern Woods (for the MT-32) orig MID 22-Nov-2000 2:06
Intro in Mimu Major orig IT 27-Nov-2000 1:55
My Emerald Halo orig IT 28-Nov-2000 4:14
At the Foot of Boot Hill cover IT 13-Mar-2001 5:55
The Cutesy Board orig IT 27-Sep-2001 2:42
UW2 Scinty Starlet cover IT 05-Mar-2002 2:40
Pause to Consider orig IT 10-Apr-2002 4:20
Praise orig OGG 24-Apr-2002 4:54
Mimu Muzak 5 orig IT, OGG 11-May-2002 5:24
Remain My Love orig IT 10-Jul-2002 4:32
Shadows of Darkness Finale cover OGG 18-Jan-2003 11:09
Muxygene cover IT 18-May-2003 3:13
Minimovie Soundtrack orig IT 10-May-2004 3:15
Vallis Nivis orig IT, OGG 04-Nov-2007 4:34
Munchky Pillars cover IT 16-Jul-2008 1:24
Catnip orig IT, OGG 21-Oct-2011 5:49
The Sharpest Lives in C minor cover OGG 18-Mar-2012 3:07
Chilled Honey cover IT, OGG 14-Feb-2013 4:26
Paganini's Chipriccio 24 cover IT, OGG 11-Jan-2020 4:03
Song nameTypeFormatsCompletedLength

Original songs, less remixes: 23, totalling 84 minutes, 40 seconds

Remixed originals: 3, totalling 10 minutes, 11 seconds

Cover songs: 14, totalling 52 minutes, 43 seconds

All together: 40, totalling 147 minutes, 34 seconds