Project: Jade

Full HD image (4688 kb)
A huge 3836x1440 pixel image, Tales of the Abyss -themed.

And here are the individual parts... this page instructs your browser to show the images at a reduced size, but if you save or open the images separately, you get the full-size versions. Please note the copyrights of all the original art belong to Namco and its subsidiaries. Whatever I've done on top of that is CC0.

This big Jade portrait is a piece of hi-res official art, with my added shading.

A screencap from the ToTA anime's opening sequence, the best map of the world of Auldrant I've found. I needed to pad the width with additional hand-drawn ocean.

These fake dialogue pictures are all screenshots from the first four episodes of the anime. I selected the ten most interesting expressions shown on-screen, then resized and cropped them all to precisely the same proportions. Since some of the originals were at a lower resolution than others, I had to use vector tracing to manually bring up the quality. I didn't do an equally good job on all the pictures, I'm afraid... but when viewed at a lower resolution, they all look very authentic. The portrait frame style comes from Tales of Xillia, just to mix things up a bit.

This is the frame decoration that is displayed whenever you enter a new area in the game. I took a screenshot of it, and redrew the shape with vectors.

Finally, the glowing text in the middle of the image is a Jade quote: I'm not sure about "Friend" but I suppose we have an awkward bond of sorts. It's written with the FonicFont, and uses the traditional light saber effect for the glow.

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