This section contains silly fiction as well as serious essays and papers, and a programming-related reference text or two.

But please be careful. Some of the hyperlinks are old and fragile, and will immediately fall apart if they become aware of their own existence.

These works are available under CC0, which is like public domain.

Maki-chan Graphics format

Proper specifications for Maki and MAG formats are in Japanese... here are specifications in English as best as I can make out.

Pi and Pic graphics formats

Likewise, rough English specifications for Pi and Pic formats.

PMD music file format

Specifications for interpreting PMD .M files.

MUAP98 MML format, Japanese

The original is an uncomfortable PDF, so I've transcribed the Japanese text into a markdown document. MUAP98 is the language backing .O music files, by Packen Software.

MLD manual, in English

Rough translation of Ohgoe Wahaha's Multi Graphic Loader manual for PC98. It can view a huge amount of game graphics formats.

PNGX algorithm evaluation

Exploration of ideas on extending the PNG format.

Free Pascal console IDE color settings

For those of us who keep using the text-mode IDE that comes with the Free Pascal Compiler – here's a quick reference for changing the main colors in the IDE.

A. Drider's Driver's Log

"I am delirious. Strange triangles keep flitting by my eyes, sometimes so much that I cannot see where I am going, but they do not appear capable of harming me directly. If any appear during an intense race as I am taking a sharp corner, however..."

A very short story about a race car driver in whose world not everything is all right. Inspired by the many interesting bugs encountered while testing the latest game in a best-selling racing series.

a Comfortless Computer's Chronicle or, Toivottoman Tietsikan Tarina

A short absurd thriller in a modern setting, featuring an inept detective, his two competent colleagues, and a murderous computer driven by a need for vengeance and an infinite loop in the determination subprogram.

Interview with a Beholder

Tonight you can enjoy the Stick Talk Show, featuring a special guest: a Beholder! Stick Guy will ask him all the questions one could ever think of, and more. Backing the show is the most talented band our money could hire. We also have an innovative live audience with a great sense of humor and an enthusiastic approach to dumb show hosts.


Dumping ground of a sensitive soul. Mostly fluff, one way or another.

The Secret of the Lost Diary and the Stolen Seal

Originally a story my mom wrote. I then remixed it in Finnish, taking quite a few artistic liberties. Even later I rewrote the thing in English... and here you go. One Story Remix, shaken and stirred beyond recognition. The story is basically a quest of two youths to recover items important to them, having to travel through a weird fantasy world on the way.

A Haxxorer's Tale

I wrote this in a forum and a few days later rewrote parts of it, producing an excitement-filled story of a programmer questing for the Amulet of Yendor in the Dungeons of Doom, with some Ultima, Monkey Island, Discworld and Middle-Earth thrown in. The occasional comments are from other forum-dwellers who were kind enough to listen in.

My Visit to the Underworld

A sequel to the above, first told in an IM chat, then retold in a forum, and finally rewritten into a relatively readable story. The programmer-adventurer visits the underworld and barely makes it out with his life. Maybe not as funny as the first story but should be worth a read.

Sea of Creativity

A verbose tumblr post on how it feels to try to be creative while recognising it will never result in wide appreciation. We all want to create something meaningful...

Effect of Financial Markets on Economic Growth

This was published on March 16th, 2006 in a collection of economics essays to go with the conference, "Economics: Current Affairs and Development Prospects". My essay was printed, through sheer luck, on page 69. I'd give exact publishing data, but I'll be buggered if I can figure out the Ukrainian way of printing that. It's a kind of little, light blue book, and probably not available at European University in Kyiv.

Not one of my better essays, but gets the job done. My presentation clarified a few of the more obscure points in the text. This essay is a tightened version of one I wrote earlier, and was reviewed and edited in collaboration with my scientific advisor and favorite former lecturer, Mr. Alexander Haponiev.

A student's view on UAHI-WIUU

This is what I think of the Ukrainian-American Humanitarian, or maybe Liberal Arts, they're not quite sure, Institute, Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine.

Business Writing: the Ponce-Harold Bosson trilogy

While assisting with running the Business Communication class during my last university year, I wrote these three horrible letters. Students were to rewrite each, using acceptable business style, appropriate tone, good spelling and grammar, applying the you-viewpoint, de-emphasising the negative points, and so on. These letters try to catch most mistakes non-native English speakers tend to make. I sincerely hope managers like this don't really exist.

Making Decisions is Hardly Easy

One of the first courses I took was Principles of Management, under the kindly guidance of Mr. Edward O. McPherson. This is my final essay for that course. It got full marks and an honorary mention for amusing turns of phrase. The essay considers difficulties of managerial decision making.

Kitty Kibble

I also finally learned how to hold presentations in Business English classes under the iron will but golden heart of Ms. Tetyana Nizhnik. This was my final presentation for Business English; while small groups were allowed, I figured my default partner (a Business English competition winner herself) would not accede to my plans, and went solo. My choice of material was, for once, a full success (our class consisting primarily of young women), and the presentation was rather well executed and received.

Containing Risks of International Trade

Moving on to Mr. Haponiev's classes, this is my first essay for Introduction to International Business, and the first I wrote for him. Happily he appreciates my particular writing idiom. This essay considers ways to safeguard international business operations against a bazillion dangers.

Multiple International Reports in Triplicate – Why Bother?

This is my final essay for Introduction to International Business. Twice as funny as the first one, while retaining some semblance of serious thought. It is about the necessity of accounting by the various books.

Differences of Global Companies and Multinational Enterprises

A fairly serious essay that does comparing and contrasting between companies whose operations are centered in one country and which do lots of exporting, and companies which have semi-autonomous tendrils in several parts of the globe.

Crazy Little Thing Called Core Competency

My final Multinational Enterprises essay, delving into the importance of recognising and exploiting your core competency. I got some rare insights in this along with a few real-life examples of corporate core competency control.

What Good Are These Cards?

Monetary Theory and Banking Systems are difficult to figure out, and tough to write amusing essays on. Undaunted, I picked a topic dealing with electronic payment methods, in particular plastic cards. By this time I already got lightly admonished for the good bits... but grabbed an A grade anyway in the end. Later I rewrote this essay for Computer Science I and made it twice as long, twice as informative, and half as amusing. (You see why I put up the original and not the rewritten version?)

How to Choose Your Hordlings?

Human Resources need very careful Management, especially if your goal is as lofty as, say, taking over the world. That's the angle of this essay, which considers selection methodology.

Herding Cats

Motivating people is like herding cats, really. They all want to do their own thing, and somehow management must get them all padding in the approximately same direction. This essay looks at a number of well-known theories of motivation, with suggested application for a fictitious Ukrainian university.

Good stuff that happened in 1982

Although it had its downsides, 1982 was a pretty kick-ass year.

A Misacrope's Guide to Yoot Tower

A strategy guide for and more or less helpful thoughts on Yoot Tower, a fun tower-building management game.