Kitty Kibble ^_^

[Note: While speaking, try to look like the kitty logo!]

Good afternoon, everyone! I'm glad so many of you are still here for the presentation. I am Kirinn Bunnylin, a representative of Kitty Kibble Associates.

No doubt you all already know what Kitty Kibble is, but just in case: Kitty Kibble is a famous brand of cat food, loved by cats everywhere. See...I just LOVE Kitty Kibble so much!

Mmmmm! I just LOVE Kitty Kibble so much.

But you may be wondering: WHAT is it that makes Kitty Kibble so GOOD? I'll try to give an answer to that question during this presentation.What makes it so popular?

There are 3 factors that contribute to the popularity of Kitty Kibble:
Charming Variety,
Affordable Price, and
Tremendous Quality.

We'll look briefly at each factor. I'll be using these pretty visuals to illustrate some points. This shouldn't take more than 5 minutes or so. And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me at any time.Tuna, Chicken, and... Dog!

First, let's see the charming variety!

Kitty Kibble is available in a dozen different flavors. Here you can see our 3 most popular flavors. Even the noblest kitty can't refuse our Tuna Kibble. More common housecats aren't so picky and want plenty of tasty food; they love our basic Chicken Kibble. And for the untamed wildcats among us, we offer the very popular Dog Kibble! (with actual dog in it)

Some of our other successful flavors include Rodent, Sushi and Lasagne.

By the way, we've already got contracts with three large zoos to supply food for all their feline animals: lions, tigers, cougars, panthers, pumas, you name it. And they love it too.Our tendrils reach around the globe!

Okay, back on topic. Kitty Kibble has a really international flavor; as you see here, we import the ingredients from all over the world to our main processing plant here in Ukraine. For example, we get the dogs from China... and rabbits from Australia.

And this brings us to: Affordable Price!

In the United States, Kitty Kibble is available at $0.99 per bag. In Ukraine you can find it at your local market at prices around 3.69 UAH. This highly economic price makes Kitty Kibble very attractive, as well as available for all social classes.

But how do we do it? After all, importing ingredients from so many countries is usually very expensive. This is actually the secret of our operations! We smuggle everything possible! This allows us to cut costs incredibly much.

Now yes, I know, there are laws against avoiding border duties, but consider this: it allows us to set the price really low, therefore benefiting consumers and, in truth, all society. It may be illegal, but it is the MORAL thing to do!

Also, with a few exceptions, preproduction is done using minimum wage workers in countries with corrupt customs officials.

However, as much as we have streamlined our operations and cut costs, there is one thing we will never bargain from:What do you and your cat think of Kitty Kibble?

Quality! This is the third and last point we'll look at.

We use only the finest ingredients and every Kitty Kibble treat has a little bit of our hearts in it. Also, we use NO artificial additives or preservatives.

Now, we do a randomly sampled survey every year to find out what our customers think of Kitty Kibble, and how they think we could improve. Is our quality really as good as we claim? You can see a summary of this year's survey here. And notice the conclusion: almost everyone LOVES Kitty Kibble!

I hope this explanation was enough to show you why Kitty Kibble is so great. We offer a lot of different flavors, an economic price, and enough quality to satisfy a cat! The result:

Kitty Kibbles: Truly International Cuisine, For The Demanding Cat!

That's the end of my talk. Any questions now?

I'd like to close with our slogan. Get Kitty Kibbles for your cat, and your cat...Feed Me.

... will thank you.