There is an Emerald Rose
Grandest of all, you opine
She casts translucent shadows
On the pillars of her shrine
Unblemished, flawless
Flashing like a Starlet
See how the light caresses
A perfect gem, Garnet!

She ensnares your attention
Without a simplest effort
Inside her in swirling motion
Mist of light, shining comfort
Spectral mirages simmer
Unique ethereal quartet
Green reflections shimmer
The most beautiful jewel, Garnet!

Her beauty captures you
Her presence holds you
Her eminent cut is perfect
You whisper, "Garnet..."

On a pedestal of jade
Her magnificence does not fade
On a pillow of velvet
Forever glimmers the Garnet!

Mythical Monsters

Flee before the Dracolisk
Or face it and take the risk?
If you saw a Hippogriff
Would you be scared stiff?
The sleek, deadly Cheetaur
Have you heard its roar? meow
The vile, hissing Cockatrice
Which are your favorites?

Horrible hybrid Chimera
Its frightful cousin Gorgimera
The arachnian Drider
The floating Beholder
Ghast, Dread, Wight
All that go bonk in the night
Yeti, Naga, Manticore
Creatures out of Human lore

The cutest seal smiles at me
As if in a dream
Though the seal is quite real
And goes for a swim
Those dark eyes remain silent
But continue to observe.

If I tell the seal,
"Enjoy the sunshine, don't mind the rain,"
Perhaps the seal will
Show her beautiful smile again.

Monochrome Memories

In the mind you find
a land of shadows
strangely substantial
but all as coal or snow.

Two Nightingales to the tune of Häschen in der Grube or Jänis istui maassa

How may I describe you?
   Nightingale perched on a heart,
    No cage can hold you at all –
     Unless you—
      Unless you
       Want it to.

   Smile, warm as the day star,
      Delicate of mind and heart,
       Full of life and joy, and smart –
        I love you,
         I love you,
          I love you.