Localisation projects worked on:
Beyond: Two Soulsjoint full testing, DLC testing; also provided a bunch of gameplay feedback and plot nitpicks
Book of Spellsjoint full testing; fixed a lot of Finnish issues, but there wasn't time/money for re-recordings so some audio issues remain
Diggs Nightcrawlerfull testing, lots of translation improvements; moved to another project two weeks before the end
Ecolibriumpatch testing
Everybody's Golf / Hot Shots Golf world invitationalpatch testing
Foursquare vitapatch testing
Frobisher Saysbasic testing
God of War Ascensionhelped out as a mindless multiplayer bot
Gran Turismo 6patch testing
Hustle Kings Vitapatch testing
Invizimals the Alliancepatch testing
Invizimals the Lost Kingdompatch testing
Journeypatch testing
Killzone Shadowfallpatch testing
Knackpatch testing
LBP2patch testing
LBP Kartingpatch testing
LBP Vitajoint full testing, fixed tons of stuff; patch testing, CrossPlay testing
LiveTweetbasic testing
Paint Parkbasic testing
PlayStation All-stars Battle Royalepatch testing
Ratchet Gladiatorpatch testing
Ratchet & Clank Q-Force / Full Frontal Assaultpatch testing
SingStar SingStoresongpack updates testing, lyrics review for new songs
Sly Cooper 4partial text review
Sly Cooper Bentley's Hack Packpatch testing
Sorceryfull testing all the way to the end of the project, heavily edited the subtitles; if anything about the Finnish localisation sucks at all, it's entirely my responsibility
T@gbasic testing
The Last of Usjoint full testing; heavy subtitle editing throughout single player mode; reviewed and fixed about a third of the game's strings, and translated a few cutscenes myself in the first half of the game; did not test the DLC's
Uncharted 3patch testing
Uncharted Fight for Fortunefull testing; heavy editing, went on holiday for the last two weeks so some issues were left
Uncharted Golden Abyssdemo testing
Wake-up Clubfull testing
Walking with Dinosaurspatch testing
When Vikings Attack!basic testing
WipEout 2048patch testing
Automation projects worked on:
Driveclubbrought on to help with joint automation testing half a year before launch, then took over most of the automation testing for the patches and spinoffs, until the studio was shut down
Horizon Zero Dawnbuilt and redesigned a system to run bots around the game world, logging interesting metrics and game errors; set up a MongoDB querying frontend to help review test data; set up video captures of incidental NPC audio around the game world for localisation testers
LBP3contributed ideas and scripts to automation testing, as a proof of concept
Minecraft PS3brief joint test automation, as a proof of concept; set up rudimentary multiplayer bots